Whenitize Builds a Better Business

Food service businesses face a significant number of hurdles, particularly in satisfying customers ordering home delivery. Whenitize helps improve your customer satisfaction, providing an enriched experience. We’ve built our app with both consumers and business owners in mind, and we think you’ll find our solutions not only innovative, but indispensable. Let’s assume you run a […]

Our Vision: Imagine a Whenitized World

We designed Whenitize to provide a considerable number of benefits and eliminate the stress of having to wait around, not knowing when your friends will show up. Our trip duration sharing technology is cutting-edge, and ensures that you can plan your day and cut out hassles and headaches. It’s also a great option for businesses, […]

Efficiency Tool and a Life Philosophy

Whenitize – it’s a funny-sounding name, but it’s incredibly apt. Even we weren’t sure what it meant until we’d developed the app and realized that it went so much farther than “just another smartphone app”. Let’s take a look at how Whenitize and its philosophy came into existence. The Problem: Stressful Situations Imagine you’re waiting […]